Celsius 232 – Festival of Terror, Science Fiction, Fantasy

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Here are a few pics taken during my time at Celsius 232, in the beautiful town of Avilés, in Asturias, Spain. I can honestly say I have not been to a better literary festival. Hanging out with the monumental writers Joe Abercrombie, George R R Martin, Lisa Tuttle and Ian Jackson were but two highlights in a week packed with great company, food, talks and signings, paella, beer, Jack Daniels served in glass buckets, culture, conversation, genre diehards, sunshine, and I met my Spanish publishers. Long live Celsius and thanks for having me!

Festival Director Jorge Iván Argiz: the mastermind behind the festival.

Drinking with kings: with Joe Abercrombie, world class translator Diego Garcia Cruz, and the mighty George R R Martin.

Best Served Cold: the epochal Joe Abercrombie and a convert to vapour.

Joe Abercrombie onstage.

Jesús Palacios: Spain’s authority on horror in film and literature, who interviewed me at the Auditorio De La Casa De Cultura. When it comes to books and films and music – the unholy trinity – it’s not often I meet a like mind, but we were practically twins separated at birth (probably for good reason).

George R R Martin and Lisa Tuttle onstage talking about Windhaven.

My Spanish publishers at Minotauro, Marta and Joseph (centre).

The incomparable Ian Watson, author, screenwriter, co-organiser of Celsius.

Producer, Director, Actor and Writer, Peter Berling with Joe Abercrombie

Victor and Manuel, two young princes of Spanish horror

Here I am in action at the Auditorio De La Casa De Cultura, interviewed by Jesús Palacios. The entire interview was translated as we went along by Diego (which has to be seen to be believed, and the guy worked all day, every day for the English speaking authors).

Here’s another from the back (just to prove there was an audience). Pics by J. Abercrombie

This is what we like to see – books on the table in the dealer’s tent.

Promotional samplers courtesy of Minotauro.

The curious Oscar Niemeyer installation on the edge of town. Some fitting 70s sci fi.

The Dome at the Oscar Niemeyer. Where the townsfolk retreat when the dead rise.

The exhibition hall – Joe in foreground.

The two cafes that became the heart of the festival.

Shots of the town 1.

Shots of the town 2.

Hall of the Mountain King: The cider distillery at which The Game of Thrones party was held.

Generation X – Spanish purveyors of terror, sci fi and fantasy.

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