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Three more reviews in for Apartment 16 and it seems the field is widening. There is a really flattering and enthusiastic review from the lovely Yagiz at Speculative Book Review:

Then a fisting came in from Floor to Ceiling. A fisting without lube. This review really shocked me. It’s so condemning I was actually disoriented for a few minutes. But then I slipped the safety catch back on, and put my hockey mask back inside the box under my bed; I looked around the critic’s site and received a better sense of her tastes, interests, and tone. She just ain’t into horror.

This was followed this morning by a very considered, but mixed, review at Graeme’s Fantasy Book Review. He read my book very carefully and his comments are not always positive, but I felt I had been given a proper and due examination. And that’s fine by me and I am grateful for the time all of these critics are giving me. Bizarrely I get 8 1/2 out of 10 from Graeme, which was a nice finish to what I thought might have been a 5:

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