A bestial face appears at windows in the night.
In the big white house on the hill angels are said to appear.
A forgotten tenant in an isolated building becomes addicted to milk.
A strange goddess is worshipped by a home-invading disciple.
The least remembered gods still haunt the oldest forests.
Cannibalism occurs in high society at the end of the world.
The sainted undead follow their prophet to the Great Dead Sea.
A confused and vengeful presence occupies the home of a first-time buyer . . .

In ghastly harmony with the nightmarish visions of the award-winning writer’s novels, these stories blend a lifelong appreciation of horror culture with the grotesque fascinations and childlike terrors that are the author’s own.
Adam L.G. Nevill’s best early horror stories are collected here for the first time.


An Entrée to Some Will Not Sleep

I began writing my first horror novel in September 1997 and I was writing short horror stories from the beginning of the same decade. After becoming eight novels deep into producing a body of work as a horror novelist, and although I have written enough short stories to squeeze out three collections, this Johnny-come-lately is my first collection. I have selected the stories from a period in my writing that ranged from 1995 to 2011 (though they were first published in the middle of that period, and after it). I’ve chosen these stories because I still like them enough in 2016 to give them a second life in a volume of selected stories. They were all key works in terms of who asked me to write them, who published them, and what I tried to achieve with voice or style or effect. More details on these matters can be found in the ‘About These Horrors’ section at the back of the book.

In the current publishing environment, that continues to change in significant ways, many new opportunities exist for writers. And new technology and the new era of independent publishing finally unlatched the gate, let loose my hounds, and made me want to publish this first collection myself, through my own company, Ritual Limited. Not least to put to use eleven years of experience as an editor in traditional publishing. All of the excitement and anguish, the satisfaction and disappointment, and all of those long days in my working life in editorial roles, left me sufficiently equipped to try and produce a book in my own way. In effect, to complete a personal vision of how I wanted my stories jacketed, text-designed, and presented to a reader.

In such a broad field, literally teeming with writers old and new, I specifically wanted this collection to represent what I’m all about as a horror writer. I felt that I could only do that by going it alone. If I made mistakes, I could rectify them quickly too. I could also keep the book in print forever. And, as the publisher and the author, I would never let it sleep out there.

With a novel published each year since 2010, and with life taking over in the way that it does, only 2016 provided me with an opportunity to finally develop my company (into something more than its original function in business administration), and to produce the debut title. It was always going to be hard work. It was always going to require lots of time to produce multiple formats. And it was probably going to be an education in a rapidly changing publishing arena too. Producing Some Will Not Sleep has been all of these things.

Finally, the title of the collection was inspired by the First Epistle of Corinthians (15:5), written by Paul the Apostle: “We shall not all sleep, but we shall all be changed”. As with much of the bible, there are multiple interpretations of the meaning in this statement. But there are several interpretations of the title of this book too. Some within it do not sleep, some who read it may not sleep, and he who wrote it often doesn’t sleep.