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I’ve never forgotten my first encounters with certain horror collections, at different times in my life, that resonated with me – Lovecraft, Machen, Blackwood, Barker, T.E.D Klein, Ramsey Campbell, M John Harrison, Ligotti, Robert Aickman, among others. They were books that transported me and made me want to write. I’ve come to Laird Barron relatively late, but I’m adding him to my pantheon of greats (and I don’t use that word lightly). Just finished his first two single author works – THE IMAGO SEQUENCE & OCCULTATION – and they transfixed me (as did his other three books). I often read a few short stories in the evening before I crash, but on two occasions I only managed to read one story: PROCESSION OF THE BLACK SLOTH and HALLUCIGENIA. My God they’re hellacious! I had to take time afterwards to mull over all I had just read and imagined, because the stories deserved an evening all to themselves. I’m marking these collections as “essential”. For those yet to read them … while stocks last, folks …

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  • Barron is fantastic, isn't he? Not usually into 'cosmic horror', but I was hooked after reading 'Proboscis' in a 'Best of…' anthology.
    Barron, R. Campbell, and your good self are the only contemporary authors that I follow closely. ('Last Days' was fantastic, best novel I read last year, closely followed by Barron's 'The Croning').

  • droid says:

    Procession of the black sloth was remarkable. The setting, the protagonist – It reads like a Ballard story gone terribly wrong.

    I found Occultation more engaging than Imago. The recurring theme of victims being dragged off or disappearing into the wilderness was executed brilliantly.

  • Thanks for the comments, guys. Just found the function for viewing comments after having the blog for about 5 years. But appreciate the interest Lincoln Brown – hope I never disappoint. And yes, Laird Barron is a superb writer; really looking forward to his next book.

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