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I’ve spent the last two weeks reading John Langan’s two short story collections – MR GAUNT AND OTHER UNEASY ENCOUNTERS & THE WIDE CARNIVOROUS SKY AND OTHER MONSTROUS GEOGRAPHIES – and they made the last hour of the day something to really look forward to. Always inventive and intelligent and both collections were a constant reminder of what can be done with a horror story. ‘Technicolour’, ‘The Wide Carnivorous Sky’ and ‘June, 1987. Hitchhiking. Mr Norris’ were my personal faves amongst the shorts, but my wonder and awe reached their peaks while reading the longer stories, or even novellas, that close each collection: on ‘Laocöon, or the Singularity’ for its cosmic horror, and the mighty ‘Mother of Stone’ which I’d say is one of my favourite horror stories of the last few years (it gave me Nigel Kneale style shivers). The cover price for the second collection (WCS) is a steal for that novella alone. I’d be surprised if we don’t see ‘Mother of Stone’ again, reprinted in collections for years to come. Because we should do. Outstanding.

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