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Folks on my newsletter already have this new free eBook from me – BEFORE YOU WAKE: THREE HORRORS – but if you’re not on my mailing list and would like to read this book too, it’s now available at many of the Amazons worldwide for free (definitely UK and US), and many other online retailers too. So pick up a copy with no fear of setting off any alarms on your way out of the stores.

Amazon UK

Amazon US

Universal link to other stores

A recent review of the book here

And here’s the blurb:

“A trilogy of horror tales selected from the award-winning writer’s second full collection – HASTY FOR THE DARK – featuring more of the nightmarish visions and ghastly creatures that have been disturbing readers for years. In this book you’ll find three stories of occult and demoniac horror.

No blackmail is as ghastly as extortion from angels.
A swift reckoning often travels in handheld luggage.
No sign of life aboard an abandoned freighter, but what is left below deck tells a strange story.

Praise for Adam Nevill’s debut collection, Some Will Not Sleep: Selected Horrors:

“Nothing is sacred, nothing is safe, and goodness me, if you like horror fiction you’re going to absolutely love every damn minute.” Pop Mythology

“Beautifully crafted, original and complete works.” This is Horror

“An outstanding anthology of career spanning short stories.” Gingernuts of Horror”

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