Apple i-Bookstore showcases The Ritual

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  • Anette says:

    Dear Adam,
    I have not read The Ritual yet, but all the wonderful reviews makes me extremely curious.

    As a librarian it is in my nature to be curious. And as a librarian in the north of Sweden I just have to know where this forest is located? Please tell me! πŸ™‚

  • Hi Anette
    Thanks for the interest. But I fear if I tell you where the forest is, you might go there … and it's just not safe.

  • Anette says:

    I may be curious, but not completely mad! I was more worried that I might go there by accident if it's nearby.

    Oh well, I'll read your book and try to figure out if I'm in any danger.

  • He he he. There are some clues as to its approximate location within the book, ie west of Porjus. But the setting is really an invention of a bigger national park on the site of an existing park with little Boreal forest, so you're all right … I think.

    I hope there will be a Swedish edition – we have so many Swedish crime novels translated into English so it's only fair! I've visited Sweden and Norway many times too and the countries just expanded my imagination so much.

    How far up north are you?

  • Anette says:

    Phew! Then I'm perfectly safe. I'm only in UmeΓ₯. Not far up north at all compared with Porjus. πŸ™‚

    A Swedish translation would most definitely be fair. Not only to even the score with our crime novelists. Since horror is having a renaissance at the moment I suppose the publishers are looking for a good horror story. With the settings of your novel they will have a slam dunk for sure!

    Together with some colleagues I am currently working on a list of "good horror reads" that will be distributed to Swedish libraries. The Ritual unfortunately does not make the cut due to lack of translation, but at least I've made sure that UmeΓ₯ will be the first Swedish library with a copy of the English edition. Yay!

  • Thanks, Anette. Really appreciate the acquisition of The Ritual for the library. Let's hope it begins an underground word of mouth readership – though all the characters are hapless Englishmen or Norwegians, save one, who might not even be considered human …

    Alas I have no control over foreign rights, though the bookshops in Sweden had good export sections of English books when I was last there. Maybe it'll still creep over. I saw one blogger from the North of Sweden had somehow already read it and recommended it on his blog.

    Thanks again for the interest


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