Adam Nevill 2015 Reading Highlights

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I keep a reading diary and actually managed to read 65 books this year, the most since 2011 when I read each time I had a sleeping baby in my lap, or papoosed inside the sling on my front. That was a rare year in which I read in excess of 100 books. Halcyon days. But my reading highlights for 2015, in the order I read them:

The Two Sams, Glen Hirshberg
Midnight Picnic – Nick Antosca (bizarre footnote – while reading this novel, I realised that he was one of the writers of the Hannibal series that I was watching at the same time)
The Devil in Silver – Victor Lavelle
Carol – Patricia Highsmith
Ana Kai Tangata – Scott Nicolay
Weirder Shadows Over Innsmouth – Stephen Jones-Editor (Editor)
Affinity – Sarah Waters
Nights Black Agents – Fritz Leiber (reread)
The House on the Brink – John Gordon
The Blunderer – Patricia Highsmith
The Cry of the Owl – Patricia Highsmith
Black Wings – S.T. Joshi (Editor)
A Fatal Inversion – Barbara Vine
Aickman’s Heirs – Simon Strantzas (Editor)
Lies and Ignorance – Brian Hodge
The Wolf in Winter – John Connolly
The Nameless Dark – Ted E. Grau
Rawblood – Catriona Ward
The Loney – Andrew Michael Hurley
Little Sister Death – William Gay
The Anniversary of Never – Joel Lane
Scar City – Joel Lane
Thirteen Days by Sunset Beach – Ramsey Campbell

Clearly, I fail to keep up with most recent releases.

I reserve special mention for the two Joel Lane collections, and his final collections of fiction. I found them mesmerizing, and he is one of few writers that has always compelled me to pore over every sentence as if I am desperately seeking something . . . I thought I’d finish the two books and feel melancholy. But I actually finished Scar City (which is probably my favourite of all of his collections) feeling assured that I would reread and enjoy all of his books again, and again. He is one of those special writers that always make me want to write.




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