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About that tagline … it’s just unfortunate that eOne has funded a massive promotional campaign for The Ritual at the same time that (and I’m guessing) a mentally unstable man with access to 1000s of rounds of ammunition and the kind of weapons that should only be used by trained military personnel in warfare, shot hundreds of tiny figures in the distance (without seeing their faces) in Las Vegas (the Constitution was written when they had muskets – just sayin’, and I wouldn’t trust half the population of the planet, anywhere in the world, with scissors, let alone guns). But folks questioning the film’s tagline puts me in a tryst. I came home from 5 days away and turned on the news … it never even occurred to me until someone, and then someone else, and so on, drew a connection. And now I’m doing it and may regret doing so.

In some kind of dreadful irony, the original paperback was published at the same time that Anders Breivik, a far right terrorist, went on his own rampage in Norway in 2011. The book features characters who also emulated similar ideas to his, but was not a high profile enough book to draw a single comparison. But another macabre synchronicity with the same book.

And I’m just as down on the world as anyone over any mass shooting, but the promo campaign is restricted to the UK. If you’re American and see it online in my channels, clearly no harm was/is meant. It’s just all a coincidence and a line of advertising copy that may seem feckless to you now. But the tagline is branded on everything, everywhere, that is connected to the film, which has nothing to do with Las Vegas.

When so many irrational people with stupid ideas have access to firearms in this world, it’s a reasonable assumption to make that this will keep on happening, and I’m still supporting the film and book over the next few weeks, but will try and use an image without the tagline, but apologies in advance to anyone I offend.

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