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I’ve started an author page on Facebook, partly as a way of establishing some control over my name and books (quite surprised to realise that I can’t have my own name on both Amazons or Wikipedia, or on here either – the L.G comes in handy). I’ve avoided one of these pages for five years due to time constraints and capacity – same reason that I am not yet on Twitter – but along with my participation on Good Reads, my Facebook personal page, my website and blog, I realised there was actually three minutes in each day in which I am not working or involved in child care, so have decided to annihilate such a decadent period of time by filling it with yet more media.

You can expect more mad pronouncements here, and more examples of my loathsome visage and news of the hideous books that I write, plus other stuff that I haven’t even thought of yet. If you want to like the page I am here: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Adam-Nevill/742591085788764

If you don’t like it nothing will be held against you, though a file on you will be kept for administrative purposes in the Book of One Hundred Chapters.

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