Ahead of my very first US edition, published this month by St Martins, I want to thank my peers in modern horror, David Moody and Jonathan Maberry for these stella words on The Ritual:

The Ritual is a book which preys on our most basic, instinctive fears, then amplifies them ten-fold. A desperate, intense descent into the depths of somewhere unimaginably ancient and unspeakably evil. Nevill’s skill here is undoubted. Brutal, blood-soaked and never predictable, The Ritual is a stark reminder both of what it takes to survive, and what it means to be alive.” – David Moody, author Hater, Dogs Blood, the Autumn series.

“The Ritual by Adam Nevill is a mind-twisting journey into the dark backwoods of terror. Deeply disturbing and absolutely riveting.” –Jonathan Maberry, NY Times Bestselling author of DEAD OF NIGHT and THE KING OF PLAGUES

Here’s hoping the weird tale’s special friendship  between the US and UK continues to be mutually inspirational!

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